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We recognize the importance of sharing our knowledge of Open Source within the community. Here are a few things we think might be helpful for you.

The Knowledge Base

Prepare to have your mind blown. We have an overwhelming amount of Open Source and Drupal information at your finger tips. This is a collection of technical notes, tips, and tricks related to our services and various open source projects. We document what sorts of things we do to get software to work, and keep it here for our benefit, and also for yours.

About Open Source

Learn more about what Open Source is, how it can work for your business and why we think it’s so great!

Open Source Solutions for Small Business Problems

That’s right folks, we know Open Source so well, that John Locke, our CEO wrote a book on it!

Ask Freelock

If the Knowledge Base or Open Source information provided doesn’t give you want you need, send us an email with your technical question and watch as it becomes a blog post and added to our Ask Freelock section for all to have access to!

Still can't find what you're looking for? Just ask Freelock!

  1. Freelock were very helpful and supportive in helping me realize my vision for a website. They have deep technical expertise, and are capable of delivering on advanced features and functionality. They also have a genuine, longer-term commitment to making your website a success, and are always on-hand to provide great suggestions.

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