Don Dill

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Don Dill

Don Dill is the client services/project manager at Freelock, which at any growing company means he does a little bit of everything. He's been with the company since 2013 and is always excited to be hands on with projects and client needs. 

Don attended the University of Washington - Seattle and has his degree in Environmental Science & Resource Management, with course focus on project management. His client services experience ranges from working at zulily with customers and vendors, to an IT services firm based out of Los Angeles, to acting as a client liaison managing a security services team. Don has always been tech-minded and loves the open source community here at Freelock. He is also active on the Program of the Environment Alumni Board, part of the College of the Environment at UW. He did his senior internship at the Environmental Protection Agency here in Seattle.

While Don is getting very hands-on with Drupal, he is picking it up quickly and will always make sure to get you an answer! Also building his own website, he's very familiar with scoping projects based on clients' business needs. 

Don is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. He moved up with his parents in the late 90's and never left. Thanks to his sister, he is a proud new uncle to an amazing niece.

Don lives in Seattle and is a "summer fun" guy. From kayaking to hiking to boating with friends, you can find Don out and around the Puget Sound area all summer long. As with many Freelock team members, Don enjoys hiking and the outdoors. Don also loves his Xbox, catching up on Hulu & Netflix, but good conversation with friends is what he enjoys the most. 

Pet Projects
Currently building his own website focusing on environmental issues in and around the Puget Sound area.