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Snag in Mt Rainier National Park

Ask Freelock: "Traditional hosts" vs "cloud providers"

A client asks about yet another hosting option:

The VPS-2000HA-S includes the following…

Nerd Mountain

What's up on Nerd Mountain? Go Ahead Make Changes in Prod! We Got Your Back

Have you ever heard the one about the web developer who goes in to make one last change to the…

Nerd Mountain

What's up on Nerd Mountain? Drupal 8 Means A Lot of Free Stuff

Come join us up on Nerd Mountain! 

What is Nerd Mountain?

This is a new service for…


This is Why You Need Another Backup

At 12:27pm, our alerts started firing. Multiple ones -- website down, server down, secondary…


Freelock Named Top Web Developer in Seattle on Clutch & The Manifest!

Here at Freelock, we are all in for web development.…

Code monster

Drupalgeddon2: Should I worry about critical security updates?

No, you should not. You should let us worry about them, and go back to your business.

New year

New Year, New Website!

It's only taken two years since the release of Drupal 8 for us to get our own site updated...…

Meltdown in action

The Spectre of a Meltdown

The news was supposed to come out Tuesday, but it leaked early. Last week we learned about three…

Getting hands on with Drupal Commerce 2 - Onsite payments and Sales Tax

We're nearing launch of two new Drupal Commerce sites, one of them being this one. It turns out…

Another Wednesday, another round of security updates

Drupal security updates generally come out on Wednesdays, to try to streamline everybody's time…