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Founded in 2002 by John Locke, Freelock, LLC is a web development company specializing in sites and applications based upon the Drupal open source content management system. With clients ranging from start-ups to established governmental and educational institutions, we have the experience to handle any development challenge for organizations in any stage of growth.

As innovators in the Drupal development community, we are also abreast of cutting edge offerings for the platform and can offer that breadth of knowledge to our clients to meet existing business needs and anticipate future requirements.

If you want to learn more about how we think about ourwork, check out our Philosophy page.

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Check out Why Freelock? And 3 Reasons to use Drupal & Freelock for your next project might also help.

Every great company has great people. While the company is named after CEO John Locke, we have a great team you may want to learn more about.

At Freelock, we are commited to Giving Back, learn more about how we give back to both our Seattle and online communities. 

When Freelock is looking to grow and hire awesome new open source developers, you’ll find out first on our Join the Team page.

  1. Again, good job on the site. Unfortunately, most people won't be able to tell just how cool it really is. There is definitely a better look and feel on the outside, but where it really shines is under the hood. In today's world of crappy software vendors who provide crappy products and next to zero service at premium prices, it's refreshing to work with someone who is honest, thorough, reasonable and willing to do what it takes to meet the customer's needs.

    Eric Leung, Director of Information Systems
    Outdoor Research

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