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Businesses are increasingly interested in investigating and implementing Open Source technologies to help cut licensing costs, increase security, and stay ahead of their competition. Whether your organization is looking for web development using an Open Source platform, maintaining a Linux server, or simply exploring a shift towards the Open Source world, Freelock can help you navigate through the hundreds of options to ensure your systems are working for you.

John Locke, our founder and senior consultant, has provided open source consulting to Microsoft, Red Hat, and several smaller startups. He has analyzed and reviewed claims in white papers, written competitive briefs, advised clients on how best to turn a proprietary software program into a thriving open source project, and more.

In addition to writing the book "Open Source Solutions for Small Business Problems," John regularly speaks at technical conferences, attends business events, and engages in discussions with other open source leaders. He has saved startups and existing organizations tens of thousands of dollars by identifying the right amount of hardware necessary to build out a new web site. He has helped businesses nail down a strategy for attracting users to a community, and avoid intellectual property pitfalls.

Our services include:

  • Open Source Strategy Planning and Consulting
  • Code Review, Optimization and Integration
  • Disaster Recovery and General Troubleshooting Services
  • Content Management Selection
  • Emerging Technology Consulting Services

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  1. Freelock were very helpful and supportive in helping me realize my vision for a website. They have deep technical expertise, and are capable of delivering on advanced features and functionality. They also have a genuine, longer-term commitment to making your website a success, and are always on-hand to provide great suggestions.

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