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We don't work in a vacuum. Freelock is part of a much larger community. Here are some of our partners who we regularly do business with. We highly recommend them and their services!

Open Source Organizations

Drupal Association Organization Member As a Drupal company, the top of our membership list is the Drupal Association. We're a company member of the association, which covers supporting the Drupal.org web site, Drupal conventions, and many other activities that keep the community and project thriving.

Open Source Initiave - The OSI logo trademark is the trademark of Open Source Initiative. The Open Source Initiative is an organization that promotes the use of open source software licenses, keeping a list of licenses it approves. As a company with a spirit of Open Source, we find the principles of the OSI of the freedom to freely modify and redistribute software an important contrast to proprietary and rental models of software use.

 Design Companies

Eben Design Many of our best looking sites are due to the design efforts of Eben Design. They've got a top notch aesthetic, great project management, and they're nice people, too. Whenever they have Drupal work, they come to us to help, and we've partnered on many sites.

Ply Interactive Ply is another great Seattle design firm, and Ply was one of our earliest customers back when we were primarily doing server administration. Ply consistently brings innovative user experiences to their client sites, and they really know their stuff. They do most of their development in house on non-Drupal platforms, so we don't get to work with them often, but when we do, the results are spectacular.

Ikonic Media Ikonic Media is more of a brand management company than strictly web design, and based in New York, they have an impressive client portfolio. We've come in and cleaned up/fixed up a number of Drupal sites for them.

Public Relations Companies

Jasculca Terman JT is a prestigious PR firm based in Chicago. JT called us up to help them get a 1/2 finished Drupal site across the finish line in short notice, and after nailing that one, we helped them clean up and manage a bunch of other sites that needed attention.

Mobile Applications


SEO Optimists Our neighbors up the street in Fremont, the SEO Optimists are leaders in their field, and can cut through the hype around Search Engine Optimization to get you results. We highly recommend their services if you're looking for SEO.

Stuart Jenner Stuart is an SEO freelancer we've known and worked with for a decade. We highly recommend Stuart for your SEO needs.


Yellow Dog Consulting Elizabeth from Yellow Dog knows everyone in Seattle, and is a geek at heart. She asks the right questions and keeps us on track, helping define our strategy for reaching new customers.

Business Consulting


Amazon AWS The downside of Drupal is you need quite a bit of system resources if you're going to handle much traffic. Amazon Web Services keeps dropping their prices, and they're unbeatable for getting enough capacity to serve up Drupal sites snappily. And they solve the scaling issue as your site grows in usage, providing a clear path to adding a Content Delivery Network, a dedicated database server, and a load balancer to add more front ends. Amazon provides the lowest cost service for running a successful Drupal site and growing it to monster size.

Rackspace Cloud Servers For a while, most of our production servers were at Slicehost, which got acquired by Rackspace. Rackspace took Slicehost's infrastructure and turned it into Cloud Servers, and then partnered with NASA and others to build the OpenStack platform, an open source cloud computing infrastructure. We still have servers at Rackspace, and we still like their technology -- it doesn't quite offer as many features as AWS and it costs a bit more, but having an alternative is huge, and gives us an exit route if something happens to AWS.

  1. I had the privilege of working with John and Freelock in launching a new Little League website. The process was flawless and the end product was magnificent exceeding our expectations. John knows his stuff! He had a wonderful ability to bring the perfect solution to our community based organization. Being volunteer run, we needed some special considerations in the way our website works, John understood this and delivered solutions that were perfect for us. We now have a cool website that also has the ability to grow with us into the future. I highly recommend John Locke and Freelock Computing.

    Brian Boone
    Pacific Little League

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