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John Locke

John is the principal consultant of Freelock, LLC. In addition to being a seasoned web developer with 18 years in the field, he is an experienced technical writer, network administrator, and all around problem solver. He has worked with computers since 1984, and currently advises small businesses on open source software.

His hobbies include racing Thistles on Lake Washington, hiking & backpacking with his wife, playing soccer, and coding software.

More About John

John is a freelance writer, web application programmer, consultant, and photographer based in Seattle. His specialties include business applications, software documentation, end-user documentation, system analysis consulting, outdoor sports, and travel.

John is a fast learner, detail-oriented without losing sight of the larger picture, and able to grasp difficult technical concepts. John loves new challenges. For a detailed resume, please contact him.

Technical Experience

This page describes more of John's non-technical pursuits. But first, check out this award from the STC!


John's outdoor and travel stories have been published in Alaska, Alaska Airlines, Transitions Abroad, Pacific Fishing, and Paddler magazines.


John's photographs have appeared in several magazines, and one of his pictures was featured in the lobby of the flagship REI store in downtown Seattle for over a decade.


Between college and getting back to my true career of writing and problem solving, John did a wide variety of jobs. He counted salmon in remote Alaskan rivers. He dissected pollack stomachs in Prince William Sound. All this for the State of Alaska Department of Fish & Game. He worked at Recreational Equipment, Inc (REI) for six years, selling skis, bicycles, and camping gear in the Anchorage and Seattle stores.

Other jobs he has held: waiting tables; servicing minibars in a luxury hotel in Queenstown, New Zealand; giving tours and driving a tour bus; delivering brochures; counting bowhead whales on the Arctic Ocean; DJ-ing at a local radio station; substituting as a teacher and aide and running a copy center at an elementary school; teaching cross-country skiing to children and the mentally disabled.

His hobbies include traveling, sailing, skiing, and bicycling. And now he's busy raising his young daughter.

John spent 20 years in Alaska, and much of his material comes from experiences there. For more non-software related stories, check out John's personal site.

  1. What a pleasure to work with Freelock in launching our family website for the West Seattle community. John and Jill were vital to our success. We quickly saw that Drupal could handle our scope of requirements and thrilled to find that many of our wish list features were doable with such a capable staff. Communication and support are out of this world impressive with the Freelock team and set the standard for the industry. On time and in budget. Freelock is the clear choice.

    Jackie Clough, Owner
    West Seattle Family Zone

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