Freelock Prices and Service Plans

Freelock offers a full suite of services including site development, hosting, historical backups of data at multiple restore points, maintenance, and server management. Our standard rate for hourly work is $150/hr, with discounts available for charities and hosting clients.

Standard Packages

Here are some pre-configured packages we've developed to speed deployment of new sites. We've built these based on the needs of many similar organizations, so that we can quickly get a site launched. There is practically no limit to how much they can be customized after launch!

Drupal Web Site Review

Have an existing Drupal site and need new developers? This is the place to start. Before we can set any kind of realistic expectations of what it will take to do the work you need done, we need to understand the state of your current site. We've seen sites from other experienced Drupal developers that are well organized and a joy to work with -- but far more often we find sites built by people who did not know a thing about Drupal best practices. Core code and modules hacked instead of overridden, making updates dangerous. Business logic put in themes that blows up when you try to change it. Themes with hundreds of template files and PHP logic that re-invents what Drupal could do much better.

We need to know what we're getting into before we can even set reasonable expectations of what it will take to change. So we start out with a site analysis/review before doing any work on a new site.

This review can be an excellent tool for you, even if you're not hiring us to actually work on your site. We can identify problems, areas that were built with poor choices, and even do some testing to determine if it works the way you think it works.

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$900.00 Simple site review
Basic Business Site

Introducing our newest product: "Basic Business."

In keeping with our principle of Results, we’re excited to offer our Basic Business Package for a low flat rate. This starter package is everything you need for a functional brochure web site setup for your business, tomorrow. Not only does your Drupal site have all the essentials, but we’re including full maintenance AND support services.

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$2,500.00 Introductory Price!

Maintenance Contracts

With a Freelock Maintenance Contract, we take responsibility for keeping your site up-to-date and running smoothly. Besides updating modules currently on the site, we manage multiple backups, a complete change history of the code on your site, and provide ongoing checks so you can be comfortable knowing you're in good hands.

Standard Drupal maintenance

Perfect for simple Drupal sites and mature sites with a minimum of additional work to be done, our maintenance plan includes module and security updates and any site modifications required to maintain normal site functionality. Very simple changes beyond site maintenance may be available on a case-by-case basis depending on developer resources.

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$140.00 per month
Server Maintenance

Drupal runs best on a server set up and tuned for Drupal's needs. Drupal does not perform well in typical shared server environments. Most of our clients either have their own servers, or have us manage a server for them in the Cloud.

Our server management plan includes monitoring, managing backups, and regular system updates from the operating system vendors.

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$140.00 per month
Drupal Multi-Domain Site Maintenance

The Domain Access module is a very complex addition used by several of our clients, and it introduces quite a bit of complexity when it comes to testing updates, in addition to requiring some custom patches.

Compared to running a site with several multi-sites, however, it's a good way to go because it allows you to share much of the same content, configurations, workflows, and more across all of your sites.

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$250.00 per month
Non-Drupal Maintenance

Drupal is a great platform for maintenance. We have tools for automatically updating modules, tracking versions, rolling back things that break, and more.

Other platforms, not so much. If a site uses a database, and accepts changes from a web browser, it is potentially vulnerable to attack. But many of them cannot be secured as well as Drupal can.And it takes us a lot more manual work to make sure they stay secure.

We currently have a very small list of non-Drupal sites we administer, using Joomla, ZenCart, Word Press, MediaWiki, Gallery2, and Serendipity. We also have a few custom-built applications still. This plan is for maintenance of our non-Drupal sites.

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$250.00 per month


If your site is small enough that you don't need a dedicated server, we're happy to provide ours. We don't do mass hosting. We specialize in hosting Drupal sites, with backups and maintenance.

Note that for all database-driven sites, we require a maintenance plan and backup hosting along with the basic hosting plan. We do not do stand-alone hosting without these items, and we do not grant customers access to our servers via shell or FTP -- these are entirely managed hosting services.

Standard Hosting
  • Shared Drupal hosting on a Freelock server
  • Up to 10GB disk space, 20GB transfer per month

Our standard hosting is one component of our maintenance plan. We generally require site maintenance and backup hosting as a complete plan.

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$10.00 per month
Backup Hosting

Freelock runs a very efficient backup server that provides up to 16 months of backups, with snapshots stored daily for a week, weekly for a month, monthly for a quarter, and quarterly for up to 6 quarters. We can restore files from any of these snapshots, making it possible to recover things you thought you deleted months ago.

Our capacity is limited, however, to sites under 20GB.

Backup hosting is included with a Freelock-hosted site. This product is an add-on meant to be a secondary backup for your dedicated Freelock-managed server.

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$20.00 per month
Multi-site Instance

A Drupal Multi-site is essentially a site-let that shares code with a main site but has its own database. Multi-sites are generally easier to maintain because the code is maintained in the parent project -- the main thing that needs attention are database updates.

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$20.00 per month
E-Commerce Hosting

Includes our Standard Hosting plan, plus:

  • Dedicated IP address
  • Compliance with PCI testing

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$40.00 per month


Hours may be purchased in any quantity, with bulk purchases receiving a discount off of the standard rate. Hours may be used for any of our Freelock services, from Drupal installation and setup to custom module development to on-going support and training.

Monthly Retained Hours

We highly encourage our customers to budget a certain amount of time per month for ongoing development on their web sites. We believe the most effective web sites are ones that constantly evolve to better meet the needs of your business -- and help your business itself evolve to better serve your customers. This is a process, not a destination.

Because we work with dozens of web sites each year, we stay on top of current best practices, and can keep you in front of your competitors, getting more done, with more strategic assistance, for less than the cost of in-house staff.

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$125.00 per hour
Hours, with maintenance plan

If you sign up for a Drupal Maintenance plan, we offer a discount on our regular hourly rate. We figure if we can work on sites we know and maintain, we can pass some savings on to you. This is essentially our preferred customer rate, for single projects beyond what you might want to do with monthly retained hours.

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Regular Hourly Rate

Our base regular rate.

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Emergency Service

Need some emergency Drupal help? We can get to the bottom of it. Can't wait? We try to keep enough room in our schedule to deal with urgent issues. Sites hacked, broken installs, database recoveries -- if it needs to be done now, give us a call!

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Invoice Payment

To pay on an outstanding invoice, use the following item.

Payment on invoice

This is for paying on an outstanding invoice. Contact us if you need a list of outstanding invoices. You can also use this page to add a bunch of invoice payments at a single go. The invoice number is optional, and if you don't specify, we will just apply to your oldest open invoice.

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