Running a business on Free Software

Our entire business runs on free software. Our web sites, servers, sales systems, financial systems, desktops, office software, everything, runs software we didn't have to pay a dime for. Even our phone system.

It's not perfect, but it all works surprisingly well. We have capabilities far beyond what we would if we had spent tens of thousands of dollars on commercial software. We have many of our systems integrated, so a message from this web site can go through our entire business process electronically, with fewer and fewer places we need to cut and paste.

We can help you use free software, too!

Our solutions work best for established companies looking for systems to help them grow, or startups that need to invest in strong information systems/e-commerce. Our specialties include custom database-backed web sites, server management, and disaster recovery planning.

For the tiniest of companies, you'll find some good resources here about free/open source software you can use in your business, or Ask Freelock a question about free software. If you're a medium-sized business, you're going to need to pay somebody to implement IT systems for you, why not consider us? If you're a larger organization with a specific project needing to be built, send your RFP to computing at

  1. Freelock computing is, in my experience, unique in that they have assembled a comprehensive, well-rounded team of technical specialists yet they function on a high level together as a team. The Freelock team is adept at speaking in human, non-technical terms  when discussing projects with laypeople.
    Throughout the development process we inevitably came to many decision points in terms of which direction we would continue, and Freelock was always instrumental in counseling us through the merits and liabilities of the choices in front of us.

    Jon Stone, Owner
    Littlestar Prints

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