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Website Development is the core of what we do here at Freelock. Here are a few ways that we build you the website of your dreams, and make sure that your customershave a great experience on your website as well. 

Renew an Existing Site

The majority of businesses and organizations have a web presence on the internet, but the majority suffer from "there" syndrome. It’s just "there.” Freelock has worked with many organizations to help transforms existing sites that are just "there" and make them "everywhere". We can help increase the usability and searchability while maintaining the portions of the existing site that "work", as well as giving a freshened up look if needed. While not complicated for most, we can help dissect the existing site and create a base from which to build the new site.

We specialize in importing data from both static web sites and other content management systems, such as Joomla and ZenCart, and can take steps to ensure that your visitors and search engines will not be unnecessarily disrupted by the migration.

New Ventures and Sites

Think starting a business is difficult? Trying to get the new marketing campaign launched for the holidays? For a new business, group, or an individual thinking about doing it all, a brand new website can be an enormous undertaking. Freelock has experience working on projects of all sizes to build a totally new website from the initial conception through to launch and support.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is always a hot topic, so it's important to note that Freelock stays current with search engine technology to ensure that your website - whether redesigned or completely new - will quickly gain greater visibility and response in search engines. What most SEO specialists cannot do is design SEO standards before building the website, and for many websites, after is too late. This is included with all of our development projects.

Web Application Development

If your custom website needs custom applications, we can build those! Learn more about our process and custom development options.

Drupal Module Development

One of the many great things about Drupal is that they have created a variety of cool modules. Odds are that to build your website we will be able to use existing module’s to plug into your site, saving you time and money from custom designed modules.

Mobile Web Sites

As the web continues to develop and evolve it is important to make sure your web site has mobile capabilites. From apps to mobile friendly pages we can help! 

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  1. Again, good job on the site. Unfortunately, most people won't be able to tell just how cool it really is. There is definitely a better look and feel on the outside, but where it really shines is under the hood. In today's world of crappy software vendors who provide crappy products and next to zero service at premium prices, it's refreshing to work with someone who is honest, thorough, reasonable and willing to do what it takes to meet the customer's needs.

    Eric Leung, Director of Information Systems
    Outdoor Research

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