Episode 2: How can free software be any good?

Fri, 04/03/2009 - 14:04 -- Aaron Lundborg

The podcast starts with Speakeasy suffering a nationwide outage and the client-calls to Freelock pour in.


John and Aaron talk about the value of free (and "Free") software. John goes in depth about BackupPC and how it can help avoid a data disaster.


John also talks about why developers might develop software for free and why some companies might pay for "Free" (i.e. Open Source) software to be developed.



The Cathedral and the Bazaar
Backup PC


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  1. What a pleasure to work with Freelock in launching our family website for the West Seattle community. John and Jill were vital to our success. We quickly saw that Drupal could handle our scope of requirements and thrilled to find that many of our wish list features were doable with such a capable staff. Communication and support are out of this world impressive with the Freelock team and set the standard for the industry. On time and in budget. Freelock is the clear choice.

    Jackie Clough, Owner
    West Seattle Family Zone

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