At Freelock we want to build you the most awesome web site that you NEED and want. We’re going to spend a lot of time talking up front, planning the project out, making sure that we know what you’re expecting and then we’re going to build you an awesome website. And before we show you that site, we’re going to spend a good chunk of time testing it.

We think of building your web site in Sprints- As a new client we want to make sure that we are paying attention to everything on your wish list. And we know that can add up. Quickly. For larger projects we carve out and prioritize what we think is most efficient and build “Sprints” to get us towards the larger goal of an awesome website. Each Sprint starts with a plan, ends with Quality Assurance testing and we build it in the middle.

There are typically three Sprint cycles to start: Function, Content, Design. The last Sprint will always include polishing the web site to ensure it’s ready for prime time (ready to go live/for your visitors). Along the way we may find a few opportunities for additional improvement or refinement that we build into an additional Sprint. You may also decide that as your web site grows more awesome that you’d like additional features, and we can do that for you in an additional sprint.  We’ll make sure to stay on track so your web site is ready when you asked for it no one gets too distracted by shiny objects or adorable animals.


You guys have a great process and are just the right firm for us to work with! Let's Get Started!

Your Process sounds good and all, but I want to know who runs the show and who's on the team

  1. Freelock were very helpful and supportive in helping me realize my vision for a website. They have deep technical expertise, and are capable of delivering on advanced features and functionality. They also have a genuine, longer-term commitment to making your website a success, and are always on-hand to provide great suggestions.

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