Can all of your customers, partners, and employees find the information they need on your company’s website?

While the backend data architecture is very important to the success of a website, so too is an intuitive and helpful front-end that guides users through their data requests. Often times, organizations spend a lot of time on their data architecture and neglect to answer the fundamental question of “can our users use our website” to answer the questions that they need to answer.

Further, the security issue also has implications to usability—even if the website is intuitive and helpful, a savvy website also answers questions relevant to the different audiences. Customers, partners, and employees are going to have fundamental questions about your business, and it’s important that all of these audiences can answer these questions quickly, accurately, and proactively.

Our central idea is to make a website simple and usable for the staff of an organization will make it far more used... which makes the tool more valuable. This starts with a thorough understanding of what the tool is being used for—how are people going to use it to do their jobs more effectively?

Small organizations probably do not need a complicated system like SalesForce. They often just need a directory of sales reps and their agencies, along with a comment log of interactions with them.

Usability means a thorough understanding of who's using it, and what their goals are...

Are you concerned that all of your customers, partners, and employees may not be able to find the information they need on your website?

If you are ready to explore how usability can allow your customers, partners, and employees use your website as a tool, contact Freelock to understand how your website can drive your business forward.