Website Security and Maintenance

You're the owner of a thriving website, which brings in lots of business. One day you notice a drop in customers, and start to investigate. You still have a lot of traffic, but your mailbox is filled with spam. Worse, visitors to your site get redirected off to other sites, Google shows your site is flagged for hosting malware, and your entire brand is getting tarnished by the minute.

Don't let this be you! Active websites need maintenance and attention to avoid this fate. Freelock can help... We have maintenance programs for Drupal and WordPress websites, server management and hosting, and if this did happen to you, site recovery services.


Drupal and WordPress maintenance

This baseline service keeps your site safe, secure, and up-to-date. We actively apply updates on a monthly basis, test every release, and resolve issues related to updates that break critical parts of your site.


Secure hosting and server management

Keeping your site secure starts with a secure hosting environment. See our hosting guide for recommendations - many clients opt to have us maintain dedicated cloud servers. For smaller clients with minimal needs, we provide inexpensive hosting on our secure servers.


Site Rescue/Recovery

Has your site been hacked? We can help!

If you have a solid backup, it's easy to get back online. If you don't, we have emergency recovery services to recover your content. We've cleaned up Bitcoin miners, sites hacked to spew email spam, sites that serve spam to Google and regular content to everyone else, and sites hosting malware. We've recovered content for servers that have been deleted, or servers that have been infiltrated.

We can almost certainly help!