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To Do, Doing, Done.

Progressive Enhancements: Manage data

Websites can do more than "just" present information. Do you have some sort of data management…

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Progressive Enhancements: Improve data entry and user interactions

Websites can do far more than just present information. Many business applications have moved…

No Google, arrow to Nextcloud

Leaving Google Calendar, going to NextCloud Calendars

After 15+ years, Google cut off our "forever free" business account yesterday.

We self-…

Better Care Network Puzzle

Expressing complex systems of information

It's great to boil down information into simple bite-sized chunks. But for so many kinds of…

Clockworks, gears

Picking a technology for internal use

Note: This is part 4 of 4 in a series about making technology decisions. Read part 1 here.…

Choosing a path

Picking a technology for a client project

Note: This is part 3 in a series about making technology decisions.…

Broken storefront

Technical Debt and CMS maintenance

As we onboard a slew of new clients due to our joining forces with FuseIQ, I wanted to take a…

FuseIQ + Freelock

News: FuseIQ and Freelock joining forces!

Seattle, Washington, March 31, 2020. For immediate release.

In this time of rapid change…

Signs pointing different directions

Picking a technology to develop expertise and sell services

Note: This is part 2 in a series about making technology decisions. Read part 1 here.

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WordPress vs Drupal is like Word vs Excel

Seems like every day this month I've answered the same question: Why should I use Drupal instead…