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Freelock mail server upgrade

To our clients using our email hosting:

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Construction cranes against a blue sky

Don't Play Whack-a-mole on Prod!

If you’re making improvements to your sites, even as simple as pushing updates, you’re going to…

Right way Right way Right way Right way

Why have a technology decision-making process?

In short, choosing a particular technology allows us to:

Make a decision once and…

Stuttgart Library

Layout Builders versus Content Management - are you making this mistake?

Glitzy websites are all the rage these days. Everybody seems to be looking for easy ways to…

Broken airplane far from destination

Is your host a single point of failure?

Just ran across a sad story where Digital Ocean is accused of killing a startup:…

Stunning January Sunset in Seattle

Basecamp moves from Medium to WordPress, and kinda misses the point

Software as a Service (SaaS) is all the rage these days. Everywhere you look, you can find a…

Nerd Mountain

What's up on Nerd Mountain? Wordpress 5.0 Makes Wordpress a "Layout Builder"--What Does that Mean?

Wordpress's most recent release, which they are calling "5.0" (catchy, huh?), comes with a bunch…

Hammer and bent nails

WordPress reaches 5.0!

A major new release for WordPress dropped today -- perhaps the one with the biggest impact in…

Nerd Mountain

What's up on Nerd Mountain? Go Ahead Make Changes in Prod! We Got Your Back

Have you ever heard the one about the web developer who goes in to make one last change to the…


This is Why You Need Another Backup

At 12:27pm, our alerts started firing. Multiple ones -- website down, server down, secondary…