Website Support

You already have a website, you don't need a new one -- you need a developer to make some changes, help loading content, somebody to call to help you figure out how to keep your site fresh.

The launch of a new website is just one day -- but it lives on as long as you're in business. It's never done, there's always something new to try, something that needs fixing, or new content you want to promote.

If you don't keep making changes to your site, it falls behind -- and your competitors' websites start drawing traffic -- and business -- away from you.

You need a website partner to help! Look no further, we're here to help site owners get the most out of their existing websites. And if it does need replacement, we can help with that too!

What kind of help?

We routinely help our clients with a wide range of website issues

  • Fixing look-and-feel issues -- take care of that ugly spacing
  • Creating new functionality -- Add an interactive calculator to your site for customers to see return on investment. Add Commerce to your site so you can take payments online. Add a webform to your site to make it easier to collect information. Add a workflow automation that saves your staff hours every week.
  • Help with content -- Update an application form for the new year. Add a moderation workflow to allow an intern to review and update content on your site. Get training so you can do changes without needing to call a developer.

What kind of website?

While much of our support and solutions work with any website, we focus on 3 platforms in particular:


Drupal is a comprehensive web application capable of doing a huge variety of things:

  • Commerce
  • Editorial workflows
  • Automations
  • Custom applications

We are Drupal experts, regularly contributing code, blogs, and support to the community, based on solutions created for our customers. We have spoken at national Drupal conventions multiple times. Drupal is our go-to platform.


WordPress is the most popular website platform that exists, and WordPress site owners often need help making their sites do what they want them to do.

We can help! We can get to the bottom of whatever issue you have, recommend a solution, and get it done.

"Static" HTML sites

If you're not changing your site very often, and your budget is limited, your site could just be a collection of HTML pages. For these kinds of sites, you need a developer to make any kind of change. We are here to help! Let us know what you would like changed, and we can change it.

What if my site isn't one of those types?

There are hundreds of website platforms out there, built on entirely different technologies. There are many "Software as a Service" platforms (e.g. SquareSpace, Wix, Shopify, etc) that provide everything for you -- and may or may not allow for external developers.

At the end of the day, your browser uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript regardless of how those get put together. All of the evaluations we do, and recommendations we may have, apply to any site. But that does not mean we can provide good support for you.

We would be happy to provide an evaluation, and recommendations on how to improve -- but if your site is not Drupal, WordPress, or Static, we would likely refer you to another firm that can provide better value for your support needs.

Ok, so how does this all work?

  1. Send us info about your website -- the URL (web address), hosting information (if known), the primary purpose of your site (online brochure, commerce, lead generation).
  2. Meet with us on a zoom call -- with a half-hour meeting, we can get a clearer understanding of what you need, and share how we can help.
  3. Purchase a support contract. We will recommend a starting budget and work out the best path forward during our intake meeting.

That's it! We'll be off and running from there.

What's this going to cost me?

That's up to you -- we work to your budget. We typically structure our contracts in one of 3 ways:

Support Bucket

Prepay for a certain amount of work -- hours or "points". We often start with a 20-hour support bucket, which covers getting a development copy of your site up and running on our servers, some automated tests, and 3 - 4 other simple requests.

Monthly Retainer

Plan to have changes every month? Want us available for relatively short-notice work? A retainer is the way to go. You get our best hourly rate, priority service, and time blocked out on our calendar for your work every month.

Planned work

We think hourly billing is nuts - although sometimes that's the only way to make sure we are sustainable. If you have a clear goal or specific project, we are happy to put together a fixed-price quote. This typically starts with a "Discovery project" to create a plan, identify a reasonable scope, and set the budget for the next phase.

Your website is never done!

It doesn't matter what you spend on your website today -- you're going to need to spend more on it down the road. So instead of asking "How much will this cost?" the question becomes "How much should I spend on my website this month/quarter/year?" 

And then we can help you get the most value out of that budget!

Tell us more about your website.