CRM & Business Solutions

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, they sound so great! Setup a CRM, put all your contacts and clients in there, add some forms to your website and BOOM the money will just pour in.

Except that’s not how it happens.

For any CRM system to be a success you need to believe and practice the workflow systems it sets up for you. We understand the importance of having a great CRM that works for your company and that can easily integrate with your website. In fact CRM’s have become an increased area of interest for us as of late. After researching and using a few we just decided to build our own.

We know your company may already be using a CRM that works GREAT for you. And we can integrate your CRM system with your website to make sure it answers all the questions you need while looking good.

At Freelock we got tired of conforming to other peoples way of thinking and built our own CRM system. We started with four key items for our CRM: Contacts, Organization/Business, Opportunities and Activities. Next up are a Lead Capture Form, Bulk import capability, Calendar Sync, and Basic Statistics. We are continuing to explore how to build CRM systems that offer effective engagement tracking. Keep an eye on our blog for what we’re learning.

There are a lot of other cool tricks and work your CRM can do for your business. The question is: What do you NEED your CRM to do? At Freelock we’re committed to building the right CRM for your business, not ours. We’ll work with you to create the CRM you need and want.