Does your website provide your staff and partners with all of the information they need to do their jobs?

While most of the attention that a website gets is how much it brings new customers, new partners, and new employees into the fold, a powerful website can also be an engine for the operations of the company. Savvy companies use their website as a portal to provide their internal staff and partners with the relevant data they need to expand the business. Using effective data management, a company can create tools and processes to streamline reporting, sell their products, and transfer sensitive data safely within the confines of a secure portal.

Web Portals

Customers, partners, and employees all require important information about their relationship with your organization. Ensuring that each customer, partner, and employee has access to their relevant data and only their relevant data is a task not to be taken lightly. If these portals are done effectively, they can significantly lessen the requirement on staff to pull, cleanse, and report these data. The most effective web portals allow everybody to do their jobs effectively.


Data reporting can be challenging. Ensuring that only those that are supposed to have access to the data have it can be challenging, depending on the data architecture. Further, ensuring that these data are reported timely and lead to substantive business changes requires a lot of emphasis from the business itself.

Ticketing System

There are many businesses that provide services and consultations to their customers. A ticketing system allows the firm to clearly broadcast all of the activities they are working on so that the client knows they are on track. Think of how much overhead you could reduce if you implemented a ticketing system.

Procurement System

Many organizations provide grants and some hire consultants. All of these activities can require a lot of paperwork and staff to manage, unless there is a detailed and thoughtful procurement system in place, in which case—it isn’t all that hard.

e-Commerce Fulfillment Management

While not every business is in the world of eCommerce, many companies do sell some products online, this can be cumbersome for companies that are not in the business of eCommerce. A Fulfillment Management System can simplify this headache.

Project Estimation Tool

If a web portal is designed-effectively and a system has all of the questions answered it needs to estimate a project, it would make sense to add a project estimation tool on top of the ecosystem—that way customers can get an immediate quote to respond to a service request. There is not likely to be a better time to close business than when somebody is answering questions on your website about what they are trying to do.

Internal Directories or Registries

There are many organizations that represent a niche organization of affiliates or service-providers. A savvy organization will broadcast these partnerships or relationships to their end users so that customers can go direct to the source of their information.

Are you ready to provide your customers, partners, and staff with the information they need to drive the organization forward?

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