Giving Back

At Freelock we create really cool and functional web sites. And when we learn something new, we share that information with the Drupal community. The reason we like Drupal and Open Source is that we get to learn from each other and give back to the community. We helped to build Ledger SMB, it’s the accounting platform we use. In development with other Drupal Developers we were able to make a pretty awesome product. Now we are able to give back to Ledger SMB and host their site.

We encourage our team members to give back. Some give back by helping other developers and sharing their expertise on Drupal member boards. Others give back by volunteers at the Humane Society, getting fresh air and playing with adorable puppies. Giving back is a part of the job and we make sure that our employees are paid for the time they are working and the time they’re giving back to the community, in whatever form that might take.

We support a variety of organizations including KUOW, Creative Commons, the Drupal Association and the Open Source Initiative. We also offer a nonprofit rate for organizations that are looking for a custom web site solution.