How many new customers has your website found for you?

While there are many ways to grow a business in today’s society—one path has shown to be more-effective than others. This approach has quickly grown some companies, while others have not found their footing. This approach uses the new technologies to their most-effective. If done correctly, these tools can grow a company without spending any of the company’s money. This approach is called “Content Marketing”.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is an approach to digital marketing that ensures a company’s digital properties (company’s website, social media accounts, emails, and ratings sites) is aligned with the prevailing consumer expectations of the day. All of these digital properties have information about what is important to customers in some way or another. Content marketing means that we take these prevailing customer trends and align our digital properties to these terminologies.

How does Content Marketing work?

Content marketing works because more people are using digital properties to answer questions and find products and services they need in their lives. If we use the same terminology as these digital entities (search engines, social media services, and ratings sites), our company will show up near the top of the search results. According to infront webworks, 91% of Google clicks are from the first page of Google. Thus, if your website consistently comes up first in google search, you are making potential new customers aware of your products and services and you may even be convincing some of them to buy. A content marketer keeps finding new opportunities for their organization to rank first and brings in countless new customers.

What does Content Marketing include?

A content marketer will advise companies to use the digital properties that are likely to move the needle for their potential customers. For instance, if your client is a restaurant, it would behoove them to focus a lot of their time on Reputation Management, which means ratings sites like Google Ratings, Facebook Ratings, and Yelp!. However, for the majority of service providers, the most-effective path to find new potential customers is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  • Search Engine Optimization: (SEO) Ensures your website has been tailored to be very easy for search engines to find information on your page. It also means scouring search data to find the prevailing terms and themes to place on one’s site to align with customer interests.
  • Social Media Marketing: Ensures that potential customers are aware of your company’s value in the marketplace on places where they spend their free time.
  • Email Marketing: Uses the company’s existing customer database to find new potential upsell and cross-sell and recurring sales to drive more revenue
  • Reputation Management: Uses popular rating sites to drive up customer demand for the company.

Are you ready for your website to find new customers for you?

If you are ready to explore what content marketing can do to find new customers for your business or organization, contact Freelock to understand how to unlock new potentials.