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Are you passionate about the Open Source community? Are you interested in helping people figure out how to use computers effectively? Do you dream about how to solve mathematical or layout problems in code? We'd love to talk to you!

At the core of any successful organization are the community members and culture. At Freelock, our culture has allowed us to attract the top community members who are passionate about what they do. Our embrace of Open Source methodology and innovation allows you to use your skills, interests, passions, and insights from your day-to-day life and apply those in your work life. Our people understand how important it is to build their personal brand and put people before business, and with Open Source community, the opportunity to express your talents and interests is greater than it's ever been.

We're building world-class Open Source software and web sites, and we work with some of the best developers in the world. If you want to join us, please send us your resume. We love looking at code samples, listening to new ideas, and have a flexible work environment to allow you to thrive.

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  1. When I first handed John an initial disaster- an unfinished website that had to be completely rebuilt, he took all in stride and developed our site from the ground floor up, with speed and expertise. In addition, John has continued to take initiative in making our site to be one that we are extremely proud of. John continues to be a collaborative partner in the maintenance and continued development of I highly recommend him and his team for all your open source web needs.

    Suzanne Newman, CEO

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