Web Site Review

Have a Drupal website, and not sure what to do with it next? 
Having trouble implementing a module and need help? 
Worried about your security level and making sure it’s monitored?
Our Website Review is the place to start!

Have us run your website through our quality checklist. We'll find all the clutter in your modules, files, and views. We'll do the basics to make sure you're following best SEO practices, all the security patches are applied, and all the basic performance-enhancing features are set up correctly. And we'll make recommendations on how to make your website better going forward.

At Freelock, we take pride in the quality of our work. To make sure we deliver a quality website, we've been implementing a series of checklists we run through at each step in the process. The goal of a Drupal website review is to give you an assessment of your website, identify areas of improvement, and provide you with an in-depth look at your website.

Here's a partial list of what we check for:
  • Is the Drupal core up to date with all security releases?
  • Are all modules up to date?
  • Is the website built with an appropriate set of modules?
  • Are there files that reveal the specific Drupal version or module information to the public?
  • Review content types, and whether they are used most effectively
  • Review the menu, suggest other items to show
  • Review the theme, JavaScript, and CSS for code quality and adherence to Drupal standards and proper validation
  • Review custom modules for code quality and adherence to Drupal standards
  • Check for proper theming on generated pages (search results, login/registration pages, etc)
  • Check the roles/permissions for appropriate settings
  • Check for RSS feeds as desired
  • Check that error reporting is turned off, to discourage hacking
  • Get a Sense of What’s Running
  • Complete a Module Security Review
  • Outline the information architecture of website
  • Identify if upgrades and fixes are necessary

You’ll receive a PDF report with a full list of recommendations and our feedback. We will also identify a good starting point for you in moving forward with updating and upgrading your website as necessary.

All new clients who have an existing Drupal Website are required to complete a website review before getting started. Click Here pricing information and to get started. If a Drupal Upgrade is what you’re looking for, check out this page.