Upgrade to Drupal 8

Do you have new website envy?

Is your current website clunky and slow?

Is it time for an upgrade?

Is it time to move to a new CMS?

How about Drupal 8?

Drupal 8 is up and running on all SEVEN cylinders. Lets get your website up to speed with the functionality and customization that Drupal is known for. At Freelock, we love Drupal and we think you might too.

To get started, we take a few hours to assess your site and figure out the migration or upgrade plan. We also copy your site over to our servers, and we’ll make a few minor updates to your website as we get started.

If it's a Drupal site we will also complete a web site review.

With everything we do we start with planning. After assessing your site, we will have the full scope of the migration or upgrade figured out. What version of Drupal you are using, or what platform your website is currently on, will be key to how much time the full project will take. The complete migration can take anywhere from 35-250 hours. Yes that’s a large window of time, it will depend on the complexity of your website, and we promise to narrow it down in the plan.

We have experience upgrading from Drupal 7, Drupal 6, Drupal 5, Dreamweaver (yup), Joomla, Zen Cart, Wordpress and more. No matter your current platform, we can move it to Drupal 8.