Custom Web Solutions for Health Care

Health care is about helping people, but the practice of health care in many cases has become far more about data and data management. At Freelock, we think data systems should help people communicate, and we build systems to coordinate people, keep track of details and get out of the way.

We're not trying to solve the big problems with health care data management -- we focus on a few specific solutions.

Research and Content Management

For the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, this meant making it easier for people across the country to find the results of their scientists, and for researchers at other institutions to be able to coordinate the use of grant-funded equipment. John Locke presented a poster about this project at the American Medical Information Association's annual conference in April 2014.

Data Visualization

For another client, this meant building a data collection tool asking 120 questions of an at-risk group, display the results in a graphical easy-to-digest report card, and helping clinicians identify the people most in need of professional help.

Portal Management

For other clients, we build and manage portals for managing their vendor agreements, issue management, and relationship management.

If we can help you better manage your communications with patients, participants, vendors, or customers, drop us a line or give us a call!