Shared Drupal Hosting

  • Shared Drupal hosting on a cloud server administered by Freelock
  • Up to 10GB disk space, 20GB transfer per month
  • Nightly redundant backups, with copies kept up to 16 months
  • Monthly maintenance and security updates included

Our shared Drupal hosting is our basic, no-frills plan that keeps your site safe and secure online. This does not include maintaining any custom functionality -- this is purely for canned Drupal core and our standard set of contributed modules.

For basic sites that act as an online brochure, this is a no-brainer!

Terms & Conditions:

a. Covers one dedicated Drupal site. Does not include multi-site or multi-domain sites (see our other maintenance plans for those).

b. Does not cover keeping a development copy of the site. All updates and maintenance are done on the production copy of the site, so there will be brief windows during updates where the site may be offline or look strange.

c. Does not include costs of retrieving data from backups.

d. Does not include updates to custom site-specific modules, or contributed modules that have been patched for only this site -- these types of updates use billable hours.

e. Module updates are prioritized according to security and vulnerablity of your site. We evaluate whether a module update fixes a vulnerability that could be exploited on your site -- if we judge that your site is not vulnerable, we may not immediately update the module. However, we do eventually apply all module updates that do not break site functionality.

f. We strongly recommend our full maintenance package that include traffic reports, suggestions of how to make your site more effective, and more of our attention to help your business succeed online!