If your site is small enough that you don't need a dedicated server, we're happy to provide ours. We don't do mass hosting. We specialize in hosting Drupal sites, with backups and maintenance. Note that for all database-driven sites, we require a maintenance plan and backup hosting along with the basic hosting plan. We do not do stand-alone hosting without these items, and we do not grant customers access to our servers via shell or FTP -- these are entirely managed hosting services.

Backup Hosting

Freelock runs a very efficient backup server that provides up to 16 months of backups, with snapshots stored daily for a week, weekly for a month, monthly for a quarter, and quarterly for up to 6 quarters. We can restore files from any of these snapshots, making it possible to recover things you…

Multi-site Instance

A Drupal or WordPress Multi-site is essentially a site-let that shares code with a main site but has its own database. Multi-sites are generally easier to maintain because the code is maintained in the parent project -- the main thing that needs attention are database updates.

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E-Commerce Hosting

Includes our Standard Hosting plan, plus:

Dedicated IP address Compliance with PCI testing
Standard Hosting
Shared Drupal hosting on a cloud server administered by Freelock Up to 10GB disk space, 20GB transfer per month

Our standard hosting is one component of our maintenance plan. We generally require site maintenance and backup hosting as a complete plan.