Website Analytics

How many of your leads are helping you convert customers?

Improve the effectiveness of your website by using Freelock Website Analytics. You need to be sure that your website is working for you as well as any employee. It’s the frontline tool for you to use when it comes to operational efficiency. Freelock can use your website to cut your operational costs. We built a tool to consistently report on what’s going on behind the page face. Using website analytics, we can come up with a game plan for your marketing team. You’ll see that your ads are more effective. They reach to right people at the right time. Do most people view your website via mobile device? Guess what, we’re going to make your mobile presence look even more perfect.

We’ll provide tools for meta-tagging to see where your customers are going on your site. How do they flow through each page and link? How can we use this data to tighten up your website and shorten the time from discovery to conversion?

These days, businesses can collect a massive amount of data from their websites, but only a few of them are using that data effectively. Freelock loves data. We specialize in website analytics because it is the best way to get to lead generation, engagement, and delivery. With your business’ data, we will analyze:

  • Who’s looking at your page?
  • How they are looking at it?
  • Where are they navigating? When are they navigating away?
  • Which keywords are sending you the most traffic?
  • Which activities are most popular with your audience?
  • Which activities are losing you money?

The delivery at the end is definitive evidence on how you can serve your customers, and how you can provide them with better quality.