Website Property Management

Are people using your website as it is intended to be used?

Think of your website as a property asset for your business. Freelock is the property manager you want at a price you can be happy about. We’re the asset managers that protect your investments and make you money.

Freelock Website Property Management is more than a service. It’s a UX/UI powerhouse. Have an idea for a great website for your business? Freelock will work with you to make that a reality.

You have a business because you are good at what you do. You shouldn’t have to waste extra time on Website Property Management if that is not what makes you money. Fortunately, Freelock’s business IS Website Property Management. We will take that time off your hands so you can get to doing what makes you money and grows YOUR business.

Behind a website’s face, there are a lot of working parts. Lines of code, visual elements, buyer’s psychology, you name it. Few companies manage all of these elements effectively, nor do they have to time and skill to do so. Freelock will assist you with these elements and provide updates when our analytics team identifies new areas of opportunity. We will identify possible security risks, capacity risks, elements on the page that stunt clink-through’s, etc. It’s operational optimization at its core.

Freelock Website Property Management takes a website and fine tunes the User Experience and User Interface. The final result is a website that is pleasing to the eye, intuitive to use, and best for customer conversion. When you first sign up for Freelock services, we will audit your website performance regarding UX and make immediate recommendations to change how it impacts your audience.

Then we will create a customized executive summary:

  • Here is your technical asset score.
  • Here is what we assessed as your website’s strengths and opportunities.
  • Here are the security elements that cause concern.
  • This is the plan to change all of that.

At the end of it, you will have a beautiful, effective website that brings you business. A good website doesn’t just look attractive. It eases the process from discovery to conversion. Website Property Management services by Freelock will remove the design guessing game and get you a greater ROI for your property.

Contact Freelock for an appraisal of your websites’ valuation to your company, organizational alignment, and security.

Find out what more your website can do to drive your business!