Website Reach

The organizations that use their website to their fullest-potential are the ones that use their website to forever find new customers, new partners, and new employees. The savviest organizations use their website as a listening tool, respond to their communities’ questions and answering them in a timely and accurate fashion. These organizations reap the benefits of an ever-growing community, be it in new customers, new partnerships, or even new staff.

Your Website is Not For You:

One of the most common mistakes that we see our customers make when they make decisions about their website content, is they spend a lot of time thinking through who they are and what they want to say about themselves. While this is certainly a valid exercise, and certainly necessary, it is only step 1 of a 2-step process. What is far more important than this exercise is the follow-on part, which uses readily-available data to determine how what you provide is important to potential customers.

Non-Profit Websites:

For instance, say that you are a non-profit organization that is committed to solving homelessness. The partnerships that you seek are soup kitchens, food banks, government agencies committed to serving the homeless, etc…  A savvy marketing lead for this organization would not build a website that talks about the hours that the non-profit provides resources to the homeless but would also provide information helpful to organizations that run soup kitchens and food banks. If your organization can provide the answers that these other organizations, you’re far more likely to establish a long-term partnership that is beneficial to both parties.

Education Websites:

In a similar vein, if an organization is seeking to add more students to its college, high school, university, wouldn’t it make sense to answer some of the key questions that these soon-to-be college or high school kids are facing? Perhaps some helpful hints about financial aid or the admission process, not just to your school—but to all schools.

Small Business Websites:

These same website reach techniques work exceptionally well for small businesses as well. Small business owners face a number of different challenges, paramount to these challenges is a lack of time and resources. Small business owners run the business, hire the staff, produce the offering, sell the offering, and also clean the washroom! Wouldn’t it be powerful if the website could forever find the new customers to walk in the door?

Website Reach:

The truly dynamic organizations and businesses of the 21st century will find ways to grow efficiently. Organizations that spend a lot of time and energy using their website to reach new customers see staggering and hyperbolic growth. All it takes is an understanding of what your potential customers, partners, or employees are looking for. Find a way to speak directly to them in a manner that fits your brand, and reap the benefits.


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