Website Security Check

Your organization has been around for a long time, and your website has been around for a long time... are you worried about expanded security threats?

We understand the anxiety that comes with website security.

Your website faces innumerable risks. Freelock offers a number of website protection services to protect you from these risks and create plans and backups so that you can focus on your business with peace of mind.

What is a Website Hack?

A website is vulnerable to many different attack methods. These include information gathering, vulnerability analysis, and code injection into databases. Among these, Remote Code Execution (RCE), Remote/Local File Inclusion (R/LFI), SQL injection and XSS are the most popular. Hackers can use these methods to extract website or user information and do damage to the site.

The best way to protect yourself from getting hacked is through awareness and education. Learn about the types of vulnerabilities that your site can encounter. Create backups, come up with a security strategy. Sounds like a lot to prepare for?  Freelock is here for you.