Website Worth

Are you curious to know how much of your business is driven by your website?

When you spend time and money on a website, you want to be sure it is driving business to the enterprise. The question you need to ask yourself is this: By how much? Consider the idea that your website has a dollar value because it generates a dollar amount for your business. It’s another hard-working employee on the clock 24-hours a day, and it has the broadest reach of all the employees in your company. Depending on how much you push that employee to get out there and find you customers, you will see $x amount in ROI.

To put it in a different perspective, think of your company and how much it’s worth. $500k? $1mil? $1bil? Now, remove your online presence, and revisit that valuation. If you were to take down your website, you’d see a lot of money go out the door. It’s a valuable arm of the company. With the services that Freelock offers, that arm will be beefed up with SEO optimization, security best-practices, UX fine-tuning, and added content. You won’t see money go out the’ll see more come in.

The Freelock key identifies and unlocks your website’s potential. During our initial website appraisal, we will explore every part of your website and determine 1) how much of your business is driven by your website, and 2) how to exploit its capabilities and maximize that initial investment of money and time to create it. We’re a company that knows just how powerful an online presence can be, especially in an age where storefronts are taking to the online platform.

Freelock assessments consider these questions:

  • Is your website losing or making you money?
  • Through A/B Testing, how can we improve on that?
  • Which portion of sales can you attribute to your business?
  • Is this the maximum you can get, or can you go higher?
    • Spoiler alert: you can always go higher.

Bottom line: if your organization has been around a long time, and your website has been around a long time as well… are you getting the mature, maximum value that you ought to be?