Is your company’s website scaled for your growth?

Every website has different business requirements. Some are built for speed, while others are built for stability. Some are built to balance speed and stability. Admittedly, all websites have to deliver the data they are supposed to deliver quickly and accurately to those that are supposed to receive it.

Many people do not realize that Google penalizes pages that take longer than 6 seconds to load. If Google penalizes you, this means you are going to be substantially less-likely to come up on Google search, thus sending potential customers directly to your competitors.

Unfortunately, many sites (especially WordPress) are abysmally slow. It is often very expensive to speed them up without a trained web developer. It goes without saying that a slow website is unacceptable in today’s society, and people are even less patient on their mobile device.

Whatever happens with the future of your business, you want to make sure that your website continues to deliver on its business promise. Whether it be finding new customers, building relationships with existing customers, or transferring data to those that need it quickly, safely, and securely, your website is an integral piece of the business ecosystem in the 21st century.

Are you concerned that your website may not be ready for the next phase of your growth?

If you are ready to explore how website performance can allow your organization to focus on its growth, contact Freelock to understand how your website can drive your business forward.