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John Locke presenting at LFNW


John Locke at LinuxFest NW 2008

John Locke of Freelock Computing is presenting at LinuxFest NW 2008 in Bellingham, WA. As a returning presenter, John continues his discussion of open source & small business, a topic near & dear to his heart as a principal at Freelock Computing in Seattle.Β 

Meet John & contribute to the larger conversation of open source at his presentations:

  • Small Business Glue: Mashing up open source applications to run
  • Open Source for Business

For more information about this event, go to: LinuxFest NW 2008.

John is also the author of Open Source Solutions For Small Business Problems. Β 
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John Locke featured in podcast

James Gaskin, a columnist and editor for Network World and author of 16 books, called up a couple months ago to talk about hosting. Not for his business, but for yours--what we do to help small businesses have an appropriately secured, backed up environment.

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Announcing Project Auriga

In the past month, we've spoken with a dozen different people who have expressed interest in our time, project, and task management tool. This is our core operations management system. It's been in (very slow) development since June 2005, and is a long ways from done. But certain key parts work today.

Specifically, account synchronization, time tracking, and individual scheduling.

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Freelock Sponsors MIT Forum Open Source event

Freelock LLC announces sponsorship of the MIT Forum

The February 2005 MIT Enterprise dinner program is a panel discussion about open source business models. Freelock LLC is proud to be the exclusive sponsor for the event.
The panel event features founders of several different open source companies: a product company, a support company, a failed company, and a proprietary software company switching to an open source model. It will be moderated by a seasoned expert in the softare industry who is writing a book about open source in the enterprise.
Panelists include:

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