Security Assessment

Has your site been hacked? Are you concerned that it might be? Freelock's Security Assessment can set your mind at ease, or chart a course for recovery if your site has been compromised.

Here's what's included:

  • A quick assessment of the hosting environment
  • Detailed comparison of the code on the site compared to upstream "vanilla" code to detect all changes and identify custom code
  • Evaluation of a site's theme for security issues
  • Identification of any known security vulnerabilities of the installed libraries, plugins, contributed modules, etc.
  • A quick assessment of custom code quality and its nature
  • Recommendations of further actions, if necessary.

This is a "white box" assessment -- we are looking behind the scenes for common configuration mistakes, known issues, and to identify areas that might be a security concern.

This is a great starting point to get an overview of the security of a Drupal or WordPress site. We can also assess any other PHP-based open source CMS, as long as the original source code is available.

Security is a broad topic, and there's a lot more we can do to help. Here are some security-related services not included in this basic assessment, which we may recommend if needed. Pricing on these services varies tremendously on the site being assessed:

  • Basic site vulnerability scans
  • Load testing
  • "Grey box" penetration testing
  • Detailed custom code analysis
  • Hacked site cleanup and recovery
  • Ongoing maintenance and patching