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Freelock mail server upgrade

To our clients using our email hosting:

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Snag in Mt Rainier National Park

Ask Freelock: "Traditional hosts" vs "cloud providers"

A client asks about yet another hosting option:

The VPS-2000HA-S includes the following…

6 things to consider before the next AWS outage

Yesterday Amazon Web Services (AWS) had a major outage in their US-East datacenter, in Virgina.…


11 Questions Businesses need to ask themselves when choosing a Drupal host: The Comprehensive Freelock Hosting Guide

When choosing any service provider, a crucial question is, "What happens if something goes wrong…

Lease Crutcher Lewis

In December of 2013, we were contacted by Lease Crutcher Lewis to take over their hosting.…


Ask Freelock: My host is shutting down! What should I do?

It's really a shame. Drupal Gardens has announced to its users that it's shutting down…

Open Source Consulting

Develop an Open Source IT Strategy

Businesses are increasingly interested in investigating and…

Ongoing Support and Hosting

At Freelock, we provide targeted, semi-managed hosting of Linux-based web applications to help…