Why Freelock?

The short answer: Because we’re AWESOME!
The longer answer…

We LOVE building web sites. We’re committed to Open Source and giving back to the Drupal community. We don’t care about proprietary information, we want to share the knowledge we’ve learned so someone else doesn’t have to spend their weekend figuring out and writing code for a new module. We’re OK giving them ours. We created a vast Knowledge Base that other Drupal developers use when they’re stuck on a web development project. 

We’re the right fit for your company and project if you are looking for an awesome customized website that does exactly what you want it to, when you want it to. If you need a custom site built and have a lot of people who need to have access to it, we can build that for you.

We’re NOT the right fit for your company if you’re hoping for a variety of bells and whistles on your website that don’t actually do anything. And if you think you can get a 20 page customized web site for $1000, then we’re really not the right fit for you. We think you need to be realistic about building your website and the budget it takes to do that. We explain that a bit more on our Process Page. And let’s be honest, if your boss uses words like “difficult” or “pain in the ass” when describing you, you might not be the right fit for us either.


You guys are the perfect company for us. I’m competent and not going to ask for ridiculous additions to my website with unrealistic expectations of results.

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