3 Reasons to use Drupal and Freelock for your next web project

Here are our top three reasons to pick Drupal, compared to all the other CMS systems out there:

Top 3 Reasons to Use Drupal

  1. Powerful. Drupal is more than a CMS -- it's an information management system. In addition to simply being able to edit your web pages and post new articles, our customers find it replacing lots of other in-house systems, such as Access databases, Customer Relationship Management systems, project management systems, and more. Drupal is a great development platform for all kinds of business systems -- and it happens to come configured for content management out of the box.
  2. Safe investment. Drupal has a huge developer community. Thousands of developers attend two Drupal conventions each year. This means that if you're not happy with your current Drupal vendor, you can find many other development shops to finish the job. It also means that not only does the core Drupal code-base get intensive security reviews -- but unlike other competing programs, all of the contributed add-ons for Drupal also get reviewed. With an up-to-date Drupal site, you're less likely to get hacked.
  3. Grows with your needs. Drupal is built for change. New functionality can be bolted on, configured as needed. You can start small, get the site working for you fast, and grow it as your budget allows. You can change your mind! Web project requirements change ALL THE TIME. With Drupal this is okay -- it's easy to add a new field, show your content in a different way.

Next question: how do you pick a Drupal partner to work with? Not all vendors are equal. Many, many customers come to us after having a previous developer abandon their project.

Top 3 Reasons to Use Freelock

  1. Technical Excellence. We've built systems from scratch, used a variety of frameworks, and several other CMS's -- we did not start out using Drupal. We chose to work with Drupal after experiencing many other platforms. We've written e-commerce modules, extensive AJAX applications, web services -- we're at home in the most technical guts of Drupal and the web world. We're constantly discussing the best approach to use to solve a particular problem -- we do not just take the first idea that comes along and hack in a solution that cannot be maintained later -- in the Drupal world, certain types of fixes are called "killing kittens". We like cats. Dogs too, for that matter.
  2. Committed to your success. We pride ourselves on providing great service. We pick up the phone. We answer emails. We speak English. (In fact, half our staff have English/Liberal Arts degrees!) Surprisingly these characteristics are rare among developers. We plan out our schedules, and leave enough room to accommodate urgent requests that affect your business. Even if your wishlist is a mile long, we can help you prioritize the tasks that will deliver the most return on your investment, and work within your budget.
  3. Business Value. Sure you can find places to develop your project for less. But you get less, too. Freelancers can be a great way of getting a site up and running, but rarely will you find one to stick around after the site is launched, and they can have a lot of incentive to cut corners to get the job done. We think the day your site launches is just the beginning of the project. If you're not actively trying new things on your site, your competitors will leave you in the dust. We can help you get the most out of your site, help you experiment with approaches that drive more business, lower your costs,or provide more value to your customers, generally for less than the cost of having a technical employee in house. And because we have a growing stable client base, we can share what works for our other customers, give you ideas to try out you may not have considered.

Read more about these and other benefits on our "Why Freelock" page, or hire us today!