2017: The year of encryption

January 2017

Starting this month, Chrome users are going to start seeing a lot more sites flagged as insecure. Google is firmly on the technologist side of the encryption war, and it wants to make encryption something regular people care about. Why?

Not using encryption is like sending everything you visit/everything you do, scrawled upon postcards, with stops in all sorts of places, passing by people you would not want seeing everything.

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Yet another messaging platform: Why Riot?

People who know me know I can get stubborn when I get sold on a particular technology. For the past year, my favorite is Matrix, a distributed chat system that addresses pretty much everything anyone wants from a messaging system. The only catch? Not that many "regular people" are using it yet.

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The Permanent Web

September 2016

[Update: a few days after I published this, rebranded as It's the same project, just a new name...]

In 5,000 years, will anybody be able to read (or even access) things we put online today? Here at the dawn of the information age, we are creating the archetypes that have big implications, possibly for thousands of years. There's a bunch of recent science fiction stories that imagine various futures, written with the perspective of today's web, extrapolating where things might go as humanity evolves.

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