How much?

Alright, just how much is this web site going to cost?

Although FREE is in the name of our company, we aren’t. We have an entire rate page that will explain just how much we bill for our projects. Depending on what you need, your skill level, your budget and what kind of web site you are currently working with will help us to answer the bottom line question. The short answer is we’re $150 an hour. That rate decreases once we setup a retainer and contracted hours. We aren’t the cheapest team in town and we aren’t the most expensive, but just like your mom said growing up “you pay for what you get.”

We can get started building your website or begin work on your project when you're ready. Let us know your timeline and needs and we’ll come up with a realistic proposal of how much time the project will take and how much it’s going to cost you.

Okay, I’m convinced! Id like to get a proposal and start working together!

You know…your Process and Why Freelock page didn’t answer all my questions – tell me more about your philosophy.