John Locke to speak at next BNI Tech Alliance

From the BNI Tech Alliance News:

The speaker at the Puget Sound Area BNITA for November is: John Locke Manager, Freelock Computing

The topic for November's BNITA will be: Manage your web site with Joomla, an Open Source content management system.

Many web developers have created basic content management systems to allow their customers the ability to edit their own web sites. And while many of these are very good, it's hard to compete with an open source project that has 60,000 active users.

For beginners, Joomla is dead simple to use. Log in, click the Edit button on a page, and edit its content in a comfortable WYSIWYG editor. For those with more experience, adding items to a menu or creating a highlighted block of text are straightforward tasks. But when it's time to add something more, that's where Joomla and open source truly shine.

There are over 900 add-ons for Joomla. Things like event calendars, wikis, photo galleries, shopping carts, and forums. Joomla forms a great framework to drop other web applications into, and provides a solid base to build a full-featured site with many active parts.

John Locke of Freelock Computing will provide a basic tour of Joomla, including editing pages, adding new pages, custom add-ons, and other integration possibilities. Plus, he'll show you what's coming up in the new version...

The BNI Tech Alliance is a group of technology professionals who provide services to small businesses. The group meets on the first Monday of most months, except when there's a holiday. The meeting is free for visitors, and this month's meeting is at the Lake Hills Library in Bellevue, 6 pm on Monday November 6.