You don't need a new website. You need to make your current website more effective! How can you do that? There is no single answer -- websites are part of a larger system, and you need to consider many different aspects to make your site effective. We've been making websites since the start of the web, and know what makes them work -- as well as not work. Take what we have learned to make your site better!

Website Reach

The organizations that use their website to their fullest-potential are the ones that use their website to forever find new customers, new partners, a
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Getting the group into the URL with Purl

The corners of Drupal 8 that aren't there are quickly dwindling, but there are still some that need to get worked out. While upgrading our internal issue tracker, we hit a new one -- getting a group context set via a URL alias, and generally keeping posts within a group.

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The death of dot com? Get ready for a whole new web

December 2013

In a few short years, dot-com will be a quaint throwback referring to a couple of economic booms, and not something to indicate a web site. Like the Great War -- everybody now calls it World War 1, since we've had another great war... Why? Because the floodgates are about to open on domain names, and so we're about to see the rise of dot bike, dot plumbing, dot gifts, and even dot dentist.

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Condemned To Google Hell

Search engines are crucial to marketing your business online, and Google is the most important of all. However, be careful what you do to try to get better search results--there's a difference between getting organic search results and trying to game the system.

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Beyond an e-brochure: getting business from your web site

A web site is an essential marketing tool of a business. These days, especially in the Seattle area, people will check out your web site before doing business with you. The work you do with a graphic designer like Peter Mckinnon can have a big impact when someone decides whether you're the right fit for what they're looking to buy.

Just having a web site, however, does nothing to get customers beating down your doors. People need to find your web site somehow, amidst the millions of other web sites out there. For small, local businesses, they don't find your web site online--they find it from your business card, a sign on your car, word-of-mouth, or all the rest of the traditional ways people market their business.

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