Stuttgart Library

Layout Builders versus Content Management - are you making this mistake?

Glitzy websites are all the rage these days. Everybody seems to be looking for easy ways to…

file system

Assessment of May 8 Drupal Security update SA-CORE-2019-007

New versions of Drupal core dropped today, to fix a file handling issue.

After assessing…

Snag in Mt Rainier National Park

Ask Freelock: "Traditional hosts" vs "cloud providers"

A client asks about yet another hosting option:

The VPS-2000HA-S includes the following…

Code monster

Drupalgeddon2: Should I worry about critical security updates?

No, you should not. You should let us worry about them, and go back to your business.

Another Wednesday, another round of security updates

Drupal security updates generally come out on Wednesdays, to try to streamline everybody's time…

Freelock Interviewed on Drupal and WordPress Expertise

In September, Freelock was recognized as a leading web development company in Seattle by Clutch…


Freelock named a "Top Web Developer in Seattle"

Yesterday Clutch.co named us one of the "Top 15 Web Developers in Seattle," ranking us high…

Operational flow

How do you keep a high bar of quality on dozens of sites every day?

DevOps is the union of development, operations, and quality assurance -- but it's really the…


Fixing Drupal 8.3 upgrade issues - TwigExtension, Layouts, and Tweaks

Lots of stuff has been changing in Drupal 8 recently. In 8.3.0, a new experimental "layout…


Added D8 Rules support to Matrix API

As of today, the Drupal Matrix API module now supports sending messages to a room via Rules. Now…