Go ahead... Make My Changes in Prod

You thought I was going full "Dirty Harry" there, didn't ya? It's okay, I kinda wanted to as well. You can't go wrong with Clint Eastwood.

What is Freelock?

However, that wouldn't be keeping with the style that we're accustomed to up here on Nerd Mountain. Lately, we've been asked the question about "What is Freelock"? "Is it just a web development shop"? Well, in many ways it is, but in other ways it isn't. Historically, we are very proud of several decades worth of web development work. It is is still a critical piece of the Freelock puzzle. However, as we have matured as a company and our processes have matured, our offerings have evolved. 

Freelock Protection Plan

While we still take a lot of pride in custom web development, we tend to focus more of our time on our protection plan clients. Clients who are on our protection plan pay little to no attention to their website. The website simply finds them new customers and continues to drive value for their company. When the time is right for further investments in their website, we tend to add new features that expand the reach of the website to help run the business more-effectively. It goes without saying that these upgrades are done without sacrificing the existing website and testing is done automatically--by robots. Yeah, you read that right--we got robots for us--no big deal. 

Freelock Dev Ops

When you run, manage, and maintain the website for hundreds of clients, you are pretty much forced to use technology to help you run the portfolio. So, we've hired robots that tell us when sites have been compromised--and if they have, the robots simply revert back to the most recent backup of the site (usually within the last 24 hours). When there are patches to be updated, our robots let us know. They also run the changes through and test that they work for us. All that we have to do is make sure the robots are on the right page. Oh, by the way, we also have other robots that review the old version of the site from the new one, just to make sure every pixel looks the exact same. It's good to have robots, guys. As a matter of fact, we're so proud of our robots, that we are now offering our robots as a service. This new service, called "Freelock Dev Ops" as a service is our custom offering for companies that want an enterprise Dev Ops shop that do not have the capacity for a full Dev Ops team. 

Enterprise Dev Ops for Everybody

Fill your team with our robots, so that your human team can go lay on the beach--that's what humans are for--laying on the beach. Robots are made for working--let them work--it's like laying on the beach for them. 




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