Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI)

Another large scale project by Freelock Computing, the Organic Materials Research Institute tested our abilities to work with a variety of sources and the Drupal system. The project brought their old public facing website built on PHP to the Drupal CMS and is still synced nightly with their internal master database built on Access. Using a variety of import scripts, highly configured Views, Ubercart role purchasing, multiple custom modules, a large number of roles with varying access levels, over 15,000 nodes, and 5 different looks based on the part of the site being accessed, this seemingly simply Drupal 6 project is anything but.

Serving a large number of Organic Suppliers, Farmers, and Certifiers, OMRI will be able to serve their customers information in a faster, more comprehensive way than the previous site could offer thanks to Drupal.

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