Lindbergh Gallery

About Lindbergh Gallery

Lindbergh Gallery is Erik Lindbergh's venue for selling aerospace sculptures, furniture and other custom art pieces he creates.  Erik Lindberg is the grandson of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh.  Lindbergh Gallery was created to celebrate the evolution of spirit through aerospace, the arts, and philanthropy. 

The Project

Erik Lindbergh and John Locke met in a chance encounter at TEDx Rainier in 2012, which lead to Freelock being hired to create a portfolio site for the Lindbergh Gallery.  The site was created to list his artwork- including descriptions, prices, and photos.  Lindbergh also wanted the site to provide information on speaking engagements and philanthropic endeavors.  The site also features a contact form for commissioned pieces. 


The website was built from the ground up so there was a lot of configuration, but no modules were needed. 


Since the Lindbergh Gallery website was straightforward and required no customization, this project took about a month to complete.

If a seamless portfolio website is what you're looking for, let's talk