World Class Hunting

The Project

The owner of World Class Hunting approached Freelock to launch their website. They had worked with Drupal on a previous project, so they were familiar and enjoyed Drupal. The project included a full website with membership levels and purchasing options.

World Class Hunting is a membership based website that provides online advertising services to outfitters, service providers, product providers & real estate professionals. These business clients are able to place classified ads for hunting, land, and specific services on the World Class Hunting website through their classified ads and on their directories. 


Drupal commerce was able to accommodate the basics of what the client requested. Because they needed recurring payments for a monthly membership, different membership levels and price points, customization was needed for the levels and any "add ons" to the customer payment.

The site includes a Hunt of the Month contest, which is administered through the homepage. Each contest is simple for the site administrator to set up - they select three prizes and a date for the contest to end. At the end of each contest period, the site will select three winners, email the administrator the results, and display the results on the site.


The client wanted this project completed in three months, and it took about three and a half months to complete.

There is additional work being requested by the client, which will include SEO work and intelligent banners on the top of the site that will respond to the interests that the logged in user has indicated.

If a customized membership, purchasing options, or contests are what you need for your organization, let's talk!