Nia Technique, Inc.

About Nia Technique, Inc.

Nia is a sensory-based movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. Nia Technique Inc is built around the Nia practice and lifestyle. The website facilitates and supports a community through membership, training, classes, and merchandising.

The Project

Nia Techniques Inc wanted their website to manage their membership and recurring billing. They wanted a system to track membership expiration dates and to automatically send out reminders for renewal.

We also created a system that allows for members to accumulate membership points as they progress through the membership cycle. Points could be redeemed for videos and music to stay in a personal library. Points for Nia routines (consisting of videos and music), and their redeemed routines stay in their own personal library.

We modified their store to accept discounts and provided many miscellaneous bug-fixes and features.

Among these were:

  • Fixed errors in their shipping module to continue shipping internationally
  • Enhanced membership profiles far beyond standard Drupal functionality
  • Imported memberships from the previous site database to provide a smooth transition to the new site
  • A partial-payment system that allowed for people to pay fractions of their total class fees. It automated both the notification process (letting members know when they would be billed) and the payment process (automatically billing members while still giving admins full control if necessary.)
  • A progressive system of belt progression from white to black belt, which prevented users from accessing higher level content until they had earned the appropriate rank
  • A system for Nia trainers to track attendance to their classes


Ubercart, the e-commerce solution on their website, was heavily tailored to meet their needs. We also built several custom modules to provide specific functionality including their membership point accumulation system.

We setup rich-text editing on several places in their site.


Within the first three months we were able to clean up most of their bugs and fixes to the site. The membership system was implemented within six months.

If a customized membership registration and ecommerce solution is what you need for your organization, let’s talk!

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