John Locke, Principal/CEO

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John Locke

John Locke is the lead developer and founder of Freelock, LLC. In addition to being a proficient web developer, he is an experienced technical writer, network administrator, and all around problem solver. He has worked with computers since 1984, and currently advises small businesses on open source software.

When John isn’t busy at Freelock, you can find him racing Thistles on Lake Washington, backpacking with his wife and their daughter Hazel, playing soccer or skiing. He was one of the first in line for Sounders FC Season tickets and can be found sitting 4 rows back from the field most games. He is an avid traveler and has biked around China. John’s travel philosophy is “If you can't see the world from the deck of a sailboat, a bicycle provides the next best view.” John is a photographer as well, his work has appeared in several magazines, and one hangs in the lobby of the flagship REI store in downtown Seattle. John is excited for his daughter Hazel to get older so they can get into robotics, remote controlled drones and/or chemistry experiments. He has full embraced geek-dad-dom.

More About John

John Locke is a freelance writer, web application programmer, consultant, and photographer based in Seattle. His specialties include business applications, software documentation, end-user documentation, system analysis consulting, outdoor sports, and travel.

John is a quick learner, detail-oriented without losing sight of the larger picture, and able to grasp difficult technical concepts. He welcomes new challenges. For a detailed resume or specific questions, please Contact John.



John’s outdoor and travel stories have been published in Alaska (Magazine), Alaska Airlines, Transitions Abroad, Pacific Fishing, and Paddler magazines.

In 2004 John wrote Open Source Solutions for Small Business Problems (