Coming soon: a Customer Relationship Management tool, a brand new open source project based on the Anteil CRM system. This project will be managed in Subversion, and partially hosted by SourceForge.

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I am surprised at how few of the actually strong completely opensource sales automation crms you have reported. I find the following three to be among the best and possibly better than where you have taken Anteil thus far. Please look at probably the only completely opensource choice out there for standard CRM. This sofware project does not try to upsell you to features that make the software almost useless to have to deal without. wins a vote from me for actually integrating with LDAP and NTLM (although I am extremely unlikely to use the NTLM features for most of my customers). As you know integration into a directory would make many of these projects much more useful and allow for a migration path as one outgrows one or another tool. Hipergate has however, grown much closer to an erp system, but was not mentioned in that section of the book either. And finally I have seen a great deal about, but can only really talk about what they say on sourceforge as I have not worked with this one in any engagement, yet. The SourcForge Blurb is A fully-integrated suite of PHP web-based customer relationship management (CRM), Sales Force Automation (SFA), and business intelligence (BI) tools, allowing companies to integrate their sales, service, and marketing data into a single information store.

Finally the newest kid on the block to publicly release files is soon to be What I like most about the philosophy of this project is that it is working toward a complete sales desktop. Not a bad idea, if you ask me.

If integration with your phone/pda for your CRM is important to you, you should checkout

Anthony J Julian II
GeekSicle, Inc.

Opening the World One Business at a time.

02 Dec, 2004
John Locke

Hey, Tony,

Great points! As I'm sure you're aware, there are far too many open source applications out there for anybody to keep track of them all... I just checked out the ones you pointed me to, and they look very promising. I note that most of them didn't exist when I wrote the CRM chapter, about a year ago!

Anyway, as you've probably seen, I'm checking out SugarCRM pretty extensively right now, and have to say what impresses me (and my clients) the most about it is the polish of its interface. But I'm very keen on getting an LDAP back end and developing standard ways of integrating applications... we should talk more!


02 Dec, 2004

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